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Profile of Process Engineering

VUOS can offer its services in the field of research, design and construction of industrial units. VUOS is engaged to solve some serious problems of ecology, development and manufacture of special technological equipment as well. There are available research and testing laboratories, pilot-plants and workshops. Our specialist use for engineering calculations, design or project activities up-to-date SW techniques. Wide basis of physical and toxicology properties of substances are available, as well as instrumental analysis laboratory.

The nature of activities

  • VUOS takes advantage of long years experience and expert knowledge in the field of chemical processes and special technology as well.
  • Professional structure of VUOS's staff and good experimental basis makes it possible for optimum solving technology problems.
  • Design and process equipment are at contemporary level, distinguished by good operation safety, ecology and economy standpoints.
  • The customer's orders are solved from the problem study, basic/detail engineering, design up to complete delivery of the units.
  • The VUOS's activities are effective especially in the ranges of middle investment projects.