Pesticides / Biocides

 Testing Metods For Biocidal Products and Plant Protection Products

Quality Assurance System: Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)

Analytical methods

  • Determination of content of active substance (SANCO/3030/99 rev. 4)
  • Analytical method validation (SANCO/3030/99 rev. 4)
  • Five batch analysis (SANCO/3030/99 rev. 4)

Physico-chemical tests

  • Spectral data (MS, NMR, IR, UV/VIS)
  • State of substance (20 °C and 101.3 kPa)
  • Melting/freezing point (EU A.1/OECD 102)
  • Boiling point (EU A.2/OECD 103)
  • Relative density (EU A.3/OECD 109)
  • Vapour pressure (EU A.4/OECD 104)
  • Water solubility (EU A.6/OECD 105)
  • Partition coefficient n-octanol/water (EU A.8/OECD 107 + OECD 117)
  • Flash point (EU A.9)
  • Surface tension (EU A.5/OECD 115)
  • Explosive properties (EU A.14)
  • Oxidizing properties (EU A.17)
  • Solubility in organic solvents (CIPAC MT 181)
  • Dissociation constant (OECD 112)
  • Viscosity (EN ISO 3140) and other…


Toxicological studies

Acute toxicity

  • Acute oral toxicity - fixed dose procedure (EU B.1bis/OECD 420)
  • Acute oral toxicity - acute toxic class method (EU B.1tris/OECD 423)
  • Acute toxicity (dermal; EU B.3/OECD 402)
  • In vitro skin corrosion: human skin model test (EU B.40/OECD 431)
  • In vitro skin irritation (EU B.46/OECD 439)
  • Acute toxicity: dermal irritation/corrosion (EU B.4/OECD 404)
  • Bovine corneal opacity and permeability test method for identifying ocular corrosives and severe irritants (EU B.47/OECD 437)
  • Acute toxicity: eye irritation/corrosion (EU B.5/OECD 405)
  • Local lymph node assay (EU B.42 or OECD 429)
  • Guinea pig maximisation test (EU B.6/OECD 406)

Metabolism studies in mammals

  • Toxicokinetics (EU B.36 or OECD 417)

Short-term repeated dose toxicity

  • Repeated dose (28-days) toxicity (oral; EU B.7 or OECD 407)

Sub-chronic toxicity 

Sub-chronic oral toxicity test (repeated dose 90-days oral toxicity study in rodents; EU B.26/OECD 408) 


Chronic toxicity 

Chronic toxicity test (EU B.30/OECD 452) 

Combined chronic toxicity/carcinogenicity studies (EU B.33/OECD 453) 


Genotoxicity studies 

Reverse mutation test using bacteria (EU B.13/14/OECD 471) 

In vitro mammalian cell micronucleus test (OECD 487) 

In vitro mammalian chromosome aberration test (EU B.10/OECD 473) 

In vitro mammalian cell gene mutation test (EU B.17/OECD 476) 

In vivo mammalian erythrocyte micronucleus test (EU B.12/OECD 474) 


Reproductive toxicity 

Prenatal developmental toxicity study (EU B.31/OECD 414) 

Two-generation reproduction toxicity test (EU B.35/OECD 416) 

Ecotoxicological studies 

Aquatic toxicity 

Acute toxicity for fish (EU C.1/OECD 203) 

Daphnia magna, acute immobilisation test (EU C.2/OECD 202) 

Algal inhibition test (EU C.3/OECD 201) 

Activated sludge respiration inhibition test (EU C.11/OECD 209) 

Daphnia magna reproduction test (EU C.20/OECD 211) 


Fate and behaviour in the environment 

Hydrolysis as a function of pH (EU C.7) 

Estimation of the adsorption coefficient (KOC) on soil and on sewage sludge using HPLC (EU C.19/OECD 121) 

Ready biodegradability - DOC die-away test (EU C.4-A/OECD 301A) 

Ready biodegradability - Closed bottle test (EU C.4-E/OECD 301D) 

Biodegradation - Zahn-Wellens test (EU C.9/OECD 302B) 


and other...