Quality Assurance Policy

VUOS is a company operating, in particular, in the following areas:

  • research and development in chemistry, chemical technologies and analytical methods
  • analytical assays, toxicological and eco-toxicological testing of products and environmental components
  • manufacturing and sale of chemical substances (chemical specialties)

The customer portfolio of VUOS includes Czech as well as foreign chemical companies.

The objective of VUOS is to manufacture products and provide results of research and development in a manner satisfying to the maximum the needs and requirements of existing and future customers placed on the compliance, reliability and safety of products as well as on the quality, prices and delivery terms, scope of research and manufacturing activities and last, but not least, on minimum negative effects to the environment. VUOS intends to fulfil these requirements through maximum utilization of knowledge and experience of its personnel, experience of customers and suppliers and application of new findings of science and technology.

In compliance with this objective VUOS defines the following quality assurance policy:

  • achieve required quality of all its research and manufacturing activities while simultaneously improving the overall efficiency of the company;
  • adopt and assess specific quality assurance objectives for the individual company departments in order to improve the quality assurance system and the quality of its products;
  • meet current and future requirements, needs and expectations of the customers, end users and stakeholders and thus contribute to keeping the portfolio of existing and new customers;
  • establish and maintain an efficient and workable quality management system in order to meet expected requirements;
  • improve the qualification, expertise and engagement of company personnel to ensure compliance, reliability, safety and quality of its products;
  • continuously improve relationships with customers and suppliers and involve the customers and suppliers of the company in the process of continuous quality improvement of products of research and manufacturing;
  • respond to the changing business environment and changing customer requirements;
  • under any negative changes in the company (downsizing of production volumes or personnel) the necessary level and functionality of the quality assurance system is to be maintained.

 Certificate ISO 9001:2016 

On behalf of VUOS
RNDr. Karel Novák
Managing Director
In Rybitví 11 March 2009